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 SUPER SONIC Ghost-Rider

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PostSubject: SUPER SONIC Ghost-Rider   Mon Jan 02, 2012 6:15 pm

Hello my Dueling buddies, first of lets all congradulate Jon and Denise,
second, very soon me and my friends will be launching our duel channel and I
wanted to start it off with na new deck,

its 2012, a new year so with out further a due lets see that deck list

BTW, if u see a card that has a little line ( - ) at the end, that one of my wants and would apreciate if u were able to trade that THNX

Fire trooper x1 ( if u have another please PM me)
Burning skull head x3 -
Skull flame x3 -
Supersonic Skull flame x3 -
Skull Conductor x2
Blue blooded oni x3 -
Blood sucker x1-
Goblin zombie x3 -
Kasha x1 -( its good for feild clearing but that moves not super consistent)
Shutendoji x1- ( I like this card.... i dont use the effects.. i just like it , if u make this deck take it out)
Goka, the pyre of malice x1 - ( its a good card since 6 of the best cards to draw are fire)
Mezuki x1
Red Ogre x1 - ( i dont really recomend this card... its alittle slow)
Paladin of cursed dragon x1 ( i really like this card)
Pyramid tutle x2 ( i side the 3rd one, its better tio main it and get rid of the slow card shuten, red, and goka)
Zombie master x2 ( its a zombie deck Very Happy )

Heavy storm
Monster reborn
Dark hole( i dont really main deck this card because most of the time i want my monsters to survive and get killed in battle)
Everliving underworld cannon x1( i say have atleast 2 , but i only mainly use one so 1 or 2 is good)
Zombie world x2( its good 2 have 3 but i dont recommend it unlles u want to use the paladin combo)
Terraforming x1
Book of life x2 ( i need another)
Call of the Mummy x2 ( Great card.. PO's alot of people since u can S.summon any zombie from hand)
Mystical Space typhoon x2 ( i hate back row)

Xyz reborn x1 (I run 1, i recomend 2 if u want, i can't wait for this card)
Sakuretsu Armor x2 ( why dont people run this more often)
Mirror force x1
Call of the haunted x1 ( i side the second)
Tutan mask x2 ( i need a second one)

Lavalval Ignis x2 ( GHOST RIDER!!!!!!, and its a weakened number 17)
Lavalval chain x2 ( rarely use it but it has a good eff)
Daigusto emeral x2 ( great for recycling)
Gem-knight pearl x2 ( beatstick)
Verz thanatos x1 ( i like the artwork)

Alright guys, its kinda an iffy deck, but i like it, its a fun deck, it PO's people, and its a great theme deck
alright tell me what y'all think and hopefully u guys can visit my upcoming team channel

- Alavastar

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