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 Battle Pack: Epic Dawn (May 28, 2012)

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PostSubject: Battle Pack: Epic Dawn (May 28, 2012)   Wed Feb 22, 2012 11:12 pm

Each pack contains 5 cards:
1 Rare Card (with glossy white or black title like Duelist League rare cards)
1 special card (similar to Parallel Rare cards)
3 Common Cards

Includes 220 cards:
55 Rare Cards
165 Common Cards
All 220 cards are also available as special shiny cards

Cards Know:

● BPED-EN001 Witch of the Black Forest (Rare)
● BPED-EN0?? Gem-Knight Pearl (Rare)
● BPED-EN0?? Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon (Rare)
● BPED-EN0?? Tour Guide From the Underworld (Rare)
● BPED-EN0?? Skull Archfiend of Lightning (Rare)
● BPED-EN0?? Dark Magician of Chaos (Rare)
● BPED-EN0?? Caius the Shadow Monarch (Rare)
● BPED-EN0?? Raiza the Storm Monarch (Rare)
● BPED-EN0?? Mobius the Frost Monarch (Rare)
● BPED-EN0?? Obelisk the Tormentor (Rare)
● BPED-EN0?? Raigeki (Rare)
● BPED-EN0?? Metal Reflect Slime (Rare)
● BPED-EN055 Dark Bribe (Rare)
● BPED-EN056 Greenkappa (Common)
● BPED-EN0?? Penguin Soldier (Common)
● BPED-EN0?? Axe of Despair (Common)
● BPED-EN0?? Ante (Common)
● BPED-EN0?? Forbidden Lance (Common)
● BPED-EN0?? Reckless Greed (Common)
● BPED-EN0?? Half or Nothing (Common)
● BPED-EN0?? Power Frame (Common)
● BPED-EN110 Liberty at Last! (Common)
● BPED-EN111 Luster Dragon (Common)
● BPED-EN1?? Vampire Lord (Common)
● BPED-EN1?? Toon Gemini Elf (Common)
● BPED-EN1?? Guardian Sphinx (Common)
● BPED-EN1?? Zaborg the Thunder Monarch (Common)
● BPED-EN1?? The Tricky (Common)
● BPED-EN1?? Doomcaliber Knight (Common)
● BPED-EN1?? Card Trooper (Common)
● BPED-EN1?? Ancient Gear Knight (Common)
● BPED-EN1?? Arcana Force XIV - Temperance (Common)
● BPED-EN1?? Backup Warrior (Common)
● BPED-EN1?? Power Giant (Common)
● BPED-EN1?? Gogogo Golem (Common)
● BPED-EN170 Wind-Up Warrior (Common)
● BPED-EN171 Giant Soldier of Stone (Common)
● BPED-EN??? Muka Muka (Common)
● BPED-EN??? Makyura the Destructor (Common)
● BPED-EN??? Stealth Bird (Common)
● BPED-EN??? Night Assailant (Common)
● BPED-EN??? Drillroid (Common)
● BPED-EN??? Cyber Valley (Common)
● BPED-EN??? Fabled Raven (Common)
● BPED-EN??? Naturia Strawberry (Common)
● BPED-EN??? Gagaga Magician (Common)
● BPED-EN220 Psi-Blocker (Common)
● BPED-EN??? Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
● BPED-EN??? Pot of Avarice
● BPED-EN??? Krebons
● BPED-EN??? Dark Resonator
● BPED-EN??? Blizzard Dragon
● BPED-EN??? Gravitic Orb
● BPED-EN??? Fiendish Chain
● 6 other Xyz Monsters (Rare)
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Battle Pack: Epic Dawn (May 28, 2012)
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