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 Hidden Arsenal 6: Omega Xyz (SPOILER)

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PostSubject: Hidden Arsenal 6: Omega Xyz (SPOILER)   Wed Feb 22, 2012 11:13 pm

Each pack contains 5 foil cards: 1 Secret Rare and 4 Super Rares.

5 cards per pack, 24 packs per box

Includes 60 cards:
20 Secret Rares (1:1)
40 Super Rares (4:1)

Complete Spoiler:

HA06-EN001 Gem-Knight Crystal
HA06-EN002 Laval Volcano Handmaiden
HA06-EN003 Laval Cannon
HA06-EN004 Vylon Sphere
HA06-EN005 Vylon Tetra
HA06-EN006 Vylon Stella
HA06-EN007 Vylon Prism
HA06-EN008 Vylon Hept
HA06-EN009 Gishki Reliever
HA06-EN010 Gishki Noellia
HA06-EN011 Gusto Squirro
HA06-EN012 Reeze, Whirlwind of Gusto
HA06-EN013 Steelswarm Genome
HA06-EN014 Steelswarm Sentinel
HA06-EN015 Steelswarm Sting
HA06-EN016 Steelswarm Longhorn
HA06-EN017 Steelswarm Hercules
HA06-EN018 Evigishki Tetrogre
HA06-EN019 Gem-Knight Citrine
HA06-EN020 Gem-Knight Prismaura
HA06-EN021 Laval Stennon
HA06-EN022 Vylon Alpha
HA06-EN023 Vylon Omega
HA06-EN024 Daigusto Sphreez
HA06-EN025 Vylon Component
HA06-EN026 Vylon Element
HA06-EN027 Forbidden Arts of the Gishki
HA06-EN028 Pyroxene Fusion
HA06-EN029 Infestation Ripples
HA06-EN030 Infestation Tool
HA06-EN031 Gem-Knight Obsidian
HA06-EN032 Gem-Knight Iolite
HA06-EN033 Gem-Knight Amber
HA06-EN034 Laval Lady of the Burning Lake
HA06-EN035 Laval Coatl
HA06-EN036 Laval Gunner
HA06-EN037 Vylon Pentacro
HA06-EN038 Vylon Tesseract
HA06-EN039 Vylon Stigma
HA06-EN040 Vision Gishki
HA06-EN041 Gishki Emilia
HA06-EN042 Gishki Shellfish
HA06-EN043 Gusto Falco
HA06-EN044 Kamui, Hope of Gusto
HA06-EN045 Musto, Priest of Gusto
HA06-EN046 Evigishki Gustkrake
HA06-EN047 Gem-Knight Amethys
HA06-EN048 Lavalval Dragoon
HA06-EN049 Daigusto Falcos
HA06-EN050 Gem-Knight Pearl Secret Rare
HA06-EN051 Lavalval Ignis
HA06-EN052 Vylon Disigma
HA06-EN053 Evigishki Merrowgeist
HA06-EN054 Daigusto Phoenix
HA06-EN055 Particle Fusion
HA06-EN056 Vylon Polytope
HA06-EN057 Vylon Segment
HA06-EN058 Blazing Dust Explosion
HA06-EN059 Ceremonial Mirror of Illusion
HA06-EN060 Gusto Whirlwind
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Hidden Arsenal 6: Omega Xyz (SPOILER)
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