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 Dark World Archetype (March 2012)

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Dark World Archetype (March 2012)  Empty
PostSubject: Dark World Archetype (March 2012)    Dark World Archetype (March 2012)  I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 23, 2012 5:17 pm

The new March 2012 banlist is confirmed, and we now know that the META will consist of the following:

1) Dino Rabbit

2) Wind-Ups

3) Inzectors



First we need to analyze the META to determine how well Dark Worlds will do this Format.

-Dino Rabbit: There biggest strength is Speed, and the ability to bring out big exceeds that can negate practically everything (Laggia & Dolkka).

-Wind-Ups: Their swarming capabilities are endless, and they can diminish your hand with an infinite loop.

-Inzectors: They thrive from a full field, being able to pop cards with hornet and other main Inzectors.


We all know that Dark Worlds rely on 2 main things:

- Hand Advantage

- Discard Outlet

Without these two key and vital things, the Dark World decks fall and crumble.

The 2 biggest problems I see for the Dark World archetype are:

* Wind-Ups & Inzectors*

Wind-Ups clear the hand, while the Inzectors clear the field.


So again the question arises: HOW VIABLE ARE THEY THIS FORMAT?

My personal opinion is that Dark Worlds are Tier 2 at best. They do have the potential of being Tier 1, but I can never see it getting to a Tier 0 level (unless more support comes for the archetype).


There is a new card that saw it's release in Order of Chaos:

- Trance Archfiend

This card has a broken effect in Dark Worlds which can be very devastating for other decks. You can Discard a monster, the card gains 500 ATK, and when it is destroyed you can add a banished Monster to hand.

(We all know how SUCKY it can be to lose a Grapha to a Bottomless Trap Hole, with Trance Archfiend we can get out Grapha back).


More Updates will come Smile
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Dark World Archetype (March 2012)
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