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 Unofficial Judge Test Coming soon.

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PostSubject: Unofficial Judge Test Coming soon.   Fri Mar 23, 2012 2:45 am

I know for a long time people have been waiting for a Judge test to be Created to see how much they know about the Game. Level 1 Judge Test and Level 2 Judge Test are almost completed and will soon be available to be taken by the General public. many of you im sure are interested in this so Ill give you all the information I can.

Q: How will we be able to take this test?
A: You will PM me and I will PM you the test. You will have 24 hours to PM me back the test and it well then be graded and you will be sent a Grade along with a explanation of which questions you got wrong and why you got them wrong so you can learn.

Q: If you tell us the answers wont that make taking the test again impossible because well know the answers:
A: No there will be 5 different Version of each test for Lv1, LV2, LV3, and Lv4.

Q: do we get anything for passing these tests?
A: yes pride in yourself that you were able to complete the test and pass it.

Q: when will these tests be available?
A: Lv1 hopefully will be finished and released publically on 4-1-2012, Lv2 on 5-1-2012, lv3 on 6-1 2012, and Lv4 on 7-1-2012.

Q: how hard will these tests be?
A: they will be quite hard. They will be designed to truly test your aptitude for rulings, game mechanics, and thought process.

Q: will they be Multiple choice?
A: no we have come to agree multiple choice does not give a true test of ones aptitude as he/she can just take a wild guess and sometimes deduce which is right. You will have to write out the answers to each question in your own words which will also help you get your terminology correct.

If you have any more questions please PM me thanks for everyone who has helped with this project so far.
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Unofficial Judge Test Coming soon.
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