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 Happy Thanks Giving Everybody :D

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PostSubject: Happy Thanks Giving Everybody :D   Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:00 am

Well every one, i wrote this alittle late, but what ev.
Hope every one is gratefull for all they have, hope every one ahd a good times with their family and love one, and all that good stuff

and Im gratefull for every thign and every body in my life but i spesicaly wanted to write this here because our good friends Jon and Denise helped me through a hard time with their randomness and their hijinks while on camera, i remember going through a hard time and some how those to managed to make me laugh.

So i guess i just wanted to say thanks to those two for helping out even though it wasnt like direct help, they still made a large impact. Thanks you two.
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Happy Thanks Giving Everybody :D
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