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 Yugi-Mutuo Deck Profile 2013 (Updated)

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PostSubject: Yugi-Mutuo Deck Profile 2013 (Updated)   Wed Jul 17, 2013 9:47 pm

-Slifer the Sky Dragon (Optional) (x1)
-Obelisk The Tormentor (Optional) (x1)
-The Winged Dragon of Ra (Optional) (x1)
-Arcana Knight Joker (x1)
-Dark Paladin (x1)
-Gaia the Dragon Champion (x1)
-Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast (x1)
-Dark Magician (x1)
-Dark Magician Girl (x1)
-Dark Magician of Chaos (x1) [FORBIDDEN]
-Sorcerer of Dark Magic (x1)
-Buster Blader (x1)
-Archfiend of Gilfer (x1)
-Queen's Knight (x1)
-King's Knight (x1)
-Jack's Knight (x1)
-Alpha The Magnet Warrior (x1)
-Beta The Magnet Warrior (x1)
-Gamma the Magnet Warrior (x1)
-Berfomet (x1)
-Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts (x1)
-Curse of Dragon (x1)
-Gaia The Fierce Knight (x1)
-Marshmallon (x1)
-Big Shield Gardna (x1)
-Valkyrion The Magna Warrior (x1)
-Kuriboh (x1)
-Magician's Valkyria (x1)
-Silent Magician LV4 (x1)
-Silent Magician LV8 (x1)
-Breaker The Magical Warrior (x1)
-The Tricky (x1)
-Skilled Dark Magician (x1)
-Watapon (x1)
-Obnoxious Celtic Guard (x1)
-Giant Soldier of Stone (x1)

-Monster Reborn (x1)
-Brain Control (x1)
-Soul Taker (x1)
-Mystical Space Typhoon (x1)
-Double Spell (x1)
-Mage Power (x1)
-Dark Magic Curtain (x1)
-Card Destruction (x1)
-Change of Heart (x1) [FORBIDDEN]
-Pot of Greed (x1) [FORBIDDEN]
-Polymerization (x1)
-Emergency Provisions (x1)
-Heavy Storm (x1)
-Diffusion Wave-Motion (x1)
-Mystic Box (x1)
-Fissure (x1)
-Exchange (x1)

-Mirror Force (x1)
-Magical Hats (x1)
-Magic Jammer (x1)
-Magic Cylinder (x1)
-Spellbinding Circle (x1)
-Dust Tornado (x1)
-Lightforce Sword (x1)
-Dark Magic Attack (x1)
-Nutrient Z (x1)
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Yugi-Mutuo Deck Profile 2013 (Updated)
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